Military Helicopter Training

Lunsford Air Consulting offers specialized military training applicable to actual military flight operations or contract military-style flight services. The demands and risks associated with military and contract military-style flying are well known. Anything that can be done to minimize the risk involved is money well spent. Below is a list of training courses we offer.

  • Flight Courses

    • Aerial Sniper Training
    • Bambi Bucket Training
    • Bi-Annual Flight Review
    • Diver Deployment
    • External Load Training
    • Hoist Operations
    • Initial Aircraft Transition Training
    • Instrument Competency
    • Insurance Required Recurrent Training
    • Insurance Required Transition Training
    • Jungle Rescue Techniques
    • Life Net Training
    • Maintenance Test Pilot Training
    • Night Vision Goggle Training
    • Open Water Rescue Training
    • Post Accident Remedial Training
    • Recurrent/Refresher Emergency Training
    • Turbine Transition Training

  • Ground Courses

    • Airborne Command Center
    • Airborne Surveillance Techniques
    • Airborne Tactics
    • Anti-Terrorism Training
    • Cockpit Resource Management
    • Command and Control Training
    • Homeland Security Training and Review
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