Civilian Helicopter Training

Lunsford Air Consulting, Inc. offers a variety of civilian training courses including all of the courses listed below. The instructors from Lunsford Air Consulting have certifications and experience that not only lead to FAA certified Ratings, but equip you (the pilot) for the demanding tasks of helicopter flying. It is often said that an FAA rating is nothing more than a license to learn. With training from Lunsford Air Consulting, your training will far exceed the tasks presented in the "Practical Test Standards"; you will learn the skills necessary to command your aircraft safely and efficiently! Whether your training needs are basic or advanced, Lunsford Air Consulting is your one stop training source. We offer all of the following types of training:

Civilian Helicopter Training
  • Bambi Bucket Training
  • Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII, & ATP Ratings
  • Initial Aircraft Transition Training
  • Instrument Competency
  • Insurance Required Recurrent Training
  • Insurance Required Transition Training
  • Post Accident Remedial Training
  • Recurrent/Refresher Emergency Training
  • Search and Rescue
  • Turbine Transition Training
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