Lunsford Air Consulting, Inc. (LAC), is the parent company to its subsidiaries;
Tactical Training Centers, LLC (TTC) and Sea Air & Land Security, Inc. (SALS).

Lunsford Air Consulting (LAC)

At Lunsford Air Consulting Inc., we provide your pilots with initial, recurrent, and refresher training at your location using your aircraft for a fraction of the cost that the manufacturers' schools charge. Our customized helicopter training programs focus on real-life flying conditions faced by pilots. In addition to training in normal operations and emergency procedures, we provide a wide variety of military, law enforcement, and agricultural helicopter training. We believe that training in these specialized and often high risk procedures is essential, considering the severe situations many pilots face.

Tactical Training Centers (TTC)

Tactical Training Centers focuses on the various conventional and unconventional training elements within the Military and Law Enforcement environments. Training support can be provided within Host Nation, or terrain approximating that of current Threat Environment(s), with Rural, Urban, Jungle, Maritime, High Desert, and Mountain Operational Environments available in all environmental conditions. Tactical Training Centers maintains highly qualified mobile training teams, which are outfitted to travel worldwide, and train foreign governments and militaries in specific courses that are requested.

Sea, Air & Land Security (SALS)

Sea, Air & Land Security identifies the elements in which training is conducted or operations are performed. Sea, Air & Land Security is structured to provide the operational, or “hands on” side of United States and foreign government support. Training and operational support, established to meet specific standards, goals and missions, can be provided under any type of circumstance and in any environment. Training is predominately unit focused - often one to two men, but sometimes in a platoon comprised of up to 16. From procurement of surveillance, weapons, vehicles, vessels and aircraft, to delivery, set-up and Host Nation training, SALS can deliver.

The TTC/SALS Air Center, TTC/SALS Operations Team and the TTC/SALS Logistics Group provide world-wide operational support for all manners of military, government and corporate operations, with a proven record of superior performance. Past Performance includes successful contracted support to U.S. Special Operations Forces, Columbian Navy, Mexican Air Force, United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command, Air Force of the Dominican Republic, Canadian Special Forces, Jordanian Special Forces, U.S. and Allied Law Enforcement and Intelligence Units and other Foreign Military Commands on all continents.

Lunsford Air Consulting (LAC)
Tactical Training Centers (TTC)
Sea, Air, & Land Security (SALS)

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